Thirty-first Edition                                                                   1998
Hearth Notes                                             Joy E. Tennison, Editor
Ninteen ninety-eight was a year of milestones for us. We had a 60th birthday party for Ray on January 24th, and he was genuinely surprised.  Over seventy people helped celebrate with us, with his brother and sister-in-law arriving from Arizona and Paul coming in from Wisconsin.  It was great fun. 

We celebrated both our 40th Wedding Anniversary and my 60th Birthday in August.  Ray and kids retaliated for his January Party by surprising me on my birthday.   Fifty  plus family and friends gathered at the kids' condo clubhouse - great fun.  So with two sixties and a forty, Id say we enjoyed our milestone celebrations.

Thanksgiving last month was celebrated with its usual festive food fest, and all but Paul were here for dinner!  Hell be home for Christmas though.

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