Tennison Family Album
1997 - 2012
It's not often we are all in the same place at the same time, so if it happens, we get out the camera.

August 2012 - Birthday Party for Pam
We weren't really all here - Robyn and Keegan are photoshoped in.
The new member in front in the red shirt and white shorts is Monica's fiance, Kyle.
Back row-left to right, Mark, Selina, Bev, Monica, Rick and Rico
In front, Pam, Joy, Ray, Gail, Kyle, Lloyd, Robyn, Keegan and Paul.

August 2012

August 9, 2008 - 50th Wedding Anniversary at Sea
Standing back row, left to right: Mark, Gail,, Monica, Pam and Lloyd.
Next row: Paul, Robyn, Joy, Ray, Bev and Rick. Front row: Selina, Keegan and Rico.
We had an amazing cruise and a great celebration.

50th Anniversary

Christmas 2005 and everyone was in town!
Standing left to right: Paul with Keegan, Monica, Gail, Mark, Pam, Bev, Lloyd
Seated left to right: Robyn, Tom, Joy, Ray, Rick, Rico and Selina.

Tennison Family - December 2005

Some photos from the Arizona Desert   March 2005

Gail's Wedding    May 10, 2003    Fair Play, CA
Standing, left to right: Paul, Lloyd, Monica, Ray and Joy, Gail and Tom,
Bev & Rick,  Pam, and Mark   Standing in front: Selina & Rico.

May 10, 2003    Gail and Tom's Wedding    Fairplay, CA

December 19, 2002   Walnut Creek, CA
Standing, left to right: Paul, Lloyd, Gail, Pam, Mark
Seated, left to right: Rick & Rico, Selina & Bev, Monica, Joy and Ray 

Tennison Family - December 2002

After Rico's Christening. June 17, 2001 - Pleasant Hill, CA
Left to right: Paul, Lloyd, Gail, Monica, Selina, Ray, Joy, Rico, Bev, Rick, Pam and Mark
July 17, 2001 at Bev & Rick's after Rico's Christening

Christmas Day 1997 - Lafayette, CA
Rear, left to right Mark, Pam, Joy, Ray, Lloyd and Paul. 
Front, Bev, Rick holding Selina, Gail, and Monica.

Christmas Day 1997 on Monticello Road in Lafayette, CA

Bev and Rick's Wedding  July 3, 1993  Lafayette, CA
Left to right: Gail, Pam, Ray, Joy, Bev, Rick, Lloyd, Mark, Paul and Monica in front