Meierding Branch of Joy's Family Tree

Andrew Frederick Meierding

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AF Meierding christening photo by J.W. Tharling. Evansville, Ind.
This is a Christening photo of Joy's Great-Grandfather, Andrew Meierding, taken sometime in 1866.  It was taken by a photographer in Evansville, Indiana, not Fort Wayne where he was born. Perhaps there was no photographer in Fort Wayne at this time. 
This is just another detail to check out. 
Andrew F. Meierding taken at Noble studio in Lincoln Nebraska - looks like about 1890-95
Here's the dapper Andrew Meierding with hat in hand.  Taken at Noble Photographer located at 1029 O Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. He looks to be about 28 to thirty years old, so that would place the photo about 1892-95.
Still dapper and with hat on table.  Not certain where this was taken, but he looks to be about 60 years old, so must have been around 1928, at which time he was still living in Nebraska.
Andrew F. Meierding.  San Francisco  1946
This photo was taken in 1946 in the back yard of 1319 Gough Street, San Francisco, California where he lived with his son, Edward H. Meierding,  and daughter-in-law, Virginia Morrow Meierding,  from the early 1940's until he died in 1952.