Mount Baker Highway
Bellingham, WA - July 2005

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Looming above everything in this part of Washington is another ancient volcano, the toast of Whatcom County. Taller than Mount Olympus, Mount Baker is almost 11,000 feet and is part of the North Cascades Mountain Range. One of its former names is quck-sman-ik, meaning white mountain. The “white” comes from the 20 miles of active glaciers coating the mountain. In 1792 the English explorer, George Vancouver, renamed it for Lt. Joseph Baker, the officer who spotted the mountain while they were sailing on the coast.

We took the 58 mile scenic drive up the mountain, but, alas... Need I go on? Right, we couldn’t see it. Just some nice clouds floating by with a quick glimpse of it now and then. The scenery was superb and worth the drive.